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----Science Fiction and Fantasy Art Gallery----
Great  site to display your art. Check out my gallery there.
Another great site to display your art. Check out my gallery there also!!!
The Dark Matter Art Gallery is a compilation of science fiction art & fantasy art from the most talented artists on the Web.
Andy Hopp. Wild, crazy, original and very talented illustrator, Andy Hopp's own little world
Maria J. Williams. Another Epilogue artist with great art and pinups.
John Emanuel Shannon. Very amazing fellow Epilogue artist with a unique style and he is a great chef as well.
Crista Forest. Good friend and an amazing wildlife artist and more.
Mysterious and mostly erotic art from Karen Crosby. Check it out!!
Very original comicbook series about a Masked Mexican Wrestler-turned-detective known as SONAMBULO. Created by a really cool artist, Rafael Navarro
April Lee. Really talented fantasy artist and a fellow Pasadena Art Center Graduate.
Filipino comic book artist with really detailed work
Alfredo P. Alcala
Story of Alredo P. Alcala. A self thought master comic book artist. A hero of mine.
Not a big fan of Anime style but this is a standout! By the way, guys should be ugly and manly and never girly.
Jenna is a talented teen with lots of raw talent!
Craig Mullins' art - be prepared to get dazzled and drool
Michael Whelan's art. Big influence on me...
Lisa Ann Davis. Awesome and beautiful model and a good friend.
Athena Demos. Great looking and talented actress and model -she can fix cars too!
A place to get models for photography
Mystic Eye Games. Cool guys with cool role playing games.